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The AA Visiting School Programme
Known as the UK’s oldest school of architecture and recognised as an influential world leader in architectural education, the AA graduates are the recipients of numerous  prizes including Pritzker Prizes, RIBA Gold Medals & Stirling Awards, AIA and other design awards. The Architectural Association School of Architecture runs an international programme of visiting schools across the globe, taking the unique teaching methods of the AA to a wider audience.

The AA Visiting School Programme is a studio-based course open to undergraduate, graduate, architects, and other creative individuals from around the world who wish to further their knowledge, practice and skills in architecture. The AA Visiting School is home to AA’s part-time studies and offers a worldwide architecture network that encompasses a myriad of forms and agendas. Home to six global extended programmes and 60 workshops in 31 different countries, the AA presents one of the world’s largest public programmes dedicated to contemporary architectural culture, encompassing lectures by visiting architects and artists as well as exhibitions and symposia. This framework offers students the prospect of meeting the world’s leading architects and discovering more about their practice, while gaining an insight into the benefits of showcasing their own work.

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