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MAPS (Methods for the Architecture of Patterns and Systems) is a design collective specialized in developing innovative design solutions for the integration of human and natural systems at all scales. Founded in 2014 by Chen Du, Mary Polites and Ignacio Lopez Buson, MAPS main office is located in Portland (OR, USA), with real-time collaborators in Shanghai (China), London (UK), and the Canary Islands (Spain).

MAPS network is formed by architects, urban planners and landscape designers with an expertise in digital technologies and a multi-scalar design methodology based on a scientific yet humanistic approach. MAPS main focus is to analyze the complexity of current social, economic and natural systems and articulate their logics into innovative, diverse and livable environments. We assist architecture, landscape and planning firms with the implementation of computational technologies and parametric design workflows, and aim to establish creative collaborations that translate into exciting, relevant and sustainable projects.

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“We believe that the future of cities critically depends on their adaptation and integration with nature, and technology will be a key means to articulate this relationship.”

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