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AA Visiting School Shanghai 2016
In an era of unprecedented city building, the 10th consecutive AA Shanghai Summer School will focus on issues related to urbanization in China. The central government of China has recently announced both the Southern China Metropolis (pop. 45 million), and Jing-Jin-Ji Supercity (pop. 130 million). Shanghai, the epicenter of the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan region (pop. 90m), serves as the programme’s laboratory for the study of the complexities of the contemporary city within this context of massive urbanisation. Given the pervasive legacy of assembly-based repetitive production paradigms, and the monotonous, generic effects of standardization on cities, we will address the question of what makes a city unique. In response, we will delve into design methods by which to shape specific urban characteristics and identities across scales. As an intensive nine-day studio-based course, AAVS SH will engage experimentally with advanced computational design, to develop a methodological toolbox with which to confront the prevalence of generic, ubiquitous urbanism.