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Liquid Topographies - AAVS Shanghai 2016
This booklet is a small but clear sample of the intense, passionate and collaborative work between tutors and students developed during the AA Visiting Shanghai 2016, directed by Tom Verebes. The "Eco-Local Infrastructures" studio unit was led by Mary Polites and Ignacio Lopez Buson, both directors and founders of the Shanghai-based office MAPS. This unit's work aimed to challenge the way we normally understand and design cities by turning a specific urban environment into its hypothetical natural counterpart. In doing so, we aimed to blur all the established preconceptions in urban planning regarding morphology and spatiality, and attempted to re-design urban conditions following landscape and natural logics. This strategy has the potential of opening our cities to new hopeful models of integration between natural and urban systems. All the work shown in this booklet was produced by Wu Wenjing, Wang Yadian and Chloe Haentjens.