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AA Visiting School Xixinan 2017
Within the context of China’s massive urbanization, the residual status of Rural China is the theme of this first AAVS Xixinan. This programme shuns nostalgia, sentimentality and the tendency to lament the perceived loss of the rural in the fervent urbanization of China. The propensity to retreat from urbanization, industrialisation and globalisation, endeavouring the resuscitation of an absent past no longer fully nor ubiquitously present.
This 9-day workshop takes on the urgency of issues within an increasingly Urban China, which effect the entire country as much as the whole world: Migration, social change, inequity; food and energy supply; agriculture, industry and habitation; and, ecological resilience and sustainability. The problematic of the rural will be conceptualized from a larger scale perspective, enlisting a new scale of regionalism to address these challenges. Advanced sensing, simulation, data processing and design technologies will serve merely the agency with which to propose innovative alternatives to longstanding global problematics.

AAVS Xixinan Application

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