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Accessible Landscape Path
Julio Navarro Swimming Club is located in a privileged area dominated by green areas and parks. The project consists of the renovation of the existing pedestrian connection between the two existing swimming pools, adapting it to the needs of people with physical disabilities and reduced mobility. The design consists of a triangular mesh that articulates the main components of the project: the linear pathway of staircases, the zig-zag ramps, the existing palm trees and the triangular mesh itself. The use of gabions, along with gardens and draining materials, means that more than 60% of the project´s components are permeable surfaces.

Julio Navarro会所位于由大量植被绿地围绕的私密空间。本项目希望梳理通行需求和现有自然景观的关系, 从而对连接不同泳池间的无障碍通道进行再改造。设计中利用三角形网络的作为基底来合理组织线性的楼梯、“之”字形坡道以及种植池等要素, 最终形成一个由不同功能部分有机叠加, 并具有系统连续性的地景空间。项目中采用的包括石笼等排水材料, 确保场地中超过六成地面都具有渗透性, 极大地保护了敏感的绿色环境。

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