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ArcGIS Seminar, AA LU 2013
In October 2000 the European Landscape Convention in Florence became the first pan-European project with the ambition of defining the entirety of the European territory from a cultural perspective. It promised a collective sense of the appreciation of territorial specificity supported by comprehensive studies of charters and tailor-made recommendations. However, the decidedly encyclopaedic spirit of the Florence Convention trumped a stubborn reality where the practises of property developers and a set of labyrinthine policies were never translated into meaningful systems of space production. It is in this rift between utilitarian and cultural practices of European policies that Landscape Urbanism has focused its research. The course seeks to explore how productive and natural formations can generate the basis of a pan-European project of territories neither generic nor iconic, neither conventional nor touristic. As such the course concerns itself with both the geomorphological formations of relevant landforms and the actual cultural, political and economic forces that drive and choreograph the social formations of these landforms. The outcome of these concerns will entail the production of a set of radical and experimental cartographies that form a Pan-European Atlas as the basis of new ways of documenting the future of European environments.

GIS Tutor: Ignacio Lopez Buson
Students: Josine Lambert, Johanna Kuo, Eugenio Da Rin, Fernando Blanco, Valeria Garcia, Yunya Tang, Anastasia Kotenko, Shruthi Padmanabhan, Niki Kakali