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The Architectural Association
The AA is committed to producing and disseminating ideas that challenge and advance the design of contemporary architecture, cities and the environment. We are focused on the education of architects and are recognised for our students, teachers and graduates – the core of our legacy – and the many ways in which our courses and activities have contributed to improving the conditions of modern architectural learning, practise and knowledge.

‘Expanding Horizons’ and ‘Shaping the Future’ define the ethos and ambition of the AA School of Architecture. Our flexible, self-directed curricula, combined with our institutional independence and truly global organisation, afford us a rare degree of awareness in confronting the social, technological and cultural challenges of the current era. During its 172-year history, the AA has cultivated a relentless impetus to discover and communicate new architectural ideas and projects that inspire educational, cultural and professional practices around the world. The AA offers a five-year course composed of the Experimental Programme (Years 1–3, ARB/RIBA Part 1) and the Diploma Programme (Years 4–5, ARB/RIBA Part 2), as well as RIBA Part 3, nine postgraduate programmes and a PhD programme. The AA school is made up of approximately 800 full-time students and 250 tutors from more than 80 countries, supported by 100 administrative staff and sharing eight Georgian houses in the centre of London, as well as a 350-acre woodland campus at Hooke Park in Dorset.

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