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Bugarach Rural Masterplan
The Ideas Competition for a New Habitat in Bugarach represented a valuable opportunity to reflect on the dramatic situation that countless of small rural settlements around the globe are facing nowadays. In the age of cities, the world continues unrelentingly towards urbanization. Constant migration to established cities, acting as hyper-dense attractors, is resulting into a rural hinterland of nearly vacated villages, sparse industry, ineffective agricultural production and older generations without the capacity to relocate. Bugarach is a small village in the South East of France with a population of barely 400 inhabitants. In order to develop a feasible sustainable long term roadmap for Bugarach, the present proposal establishes tools and strategies for growth without compromising environmental, cultural and social values. By creating a strong identity capable of becoming a brand itself, the village of Bugarach could turn into a role model of ecological rural planning.