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Bus Interchange Station
The necessity of a light bus station was part of the conclusions of a Sustainable Mobility Plan developed by the municipality of San Miguel, in Tenerife. The site offered a very good location in terms of accessibility but was lacking urban quality. The project proposes a transport hub that integrates other urban "uses" and "users": a public space that incorporates kiosks, grandstands, playgrounds and landscape along with the buses platforms, so that kids, elder people and pedestrians share this space with the commuters. The design includes a textile canopy –inspired in the kite surfing sails that colonize some beaches nearby– that goes across the space providing comfort and urban identity to the whole area.

选址的边缘位置在交通可达性方面很理想, 但其本身却缺少城市品质。项目包含对一个融合其他城市使用者及城市使用方法的交换站台的设计。设计策略开发了一个合并电话亭、看台、游乐场以及巴士站台周边景观的公共空间。主要目的是使得儿童、老年人和城市漫步者和上班族一起分享这个空间。设计还包含了一个纺织式样顶蓬的处理,顶蓬穿过场地空间将舒适和城市特性带给了整个区域, 设计概念来源于在附近海滩上大量流行的风筝冲浪的帆。