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Calvia Tourism Masterplan
The municipality of Calvia (Mallorca) has nearly 60 kilometers of coastline and concentrates more than 50,000 regulated tourist beds and as many second homes. The design strategy aims to recover and update the development pattern of the first tourist settlements in the 60s, which consisted of the “concavities” of the coast (beaches and coves), and the “convexities” (inland topographic features) which were reserved as natural landscapes. The project establishes eight tourist cities (with their own unique identity and tourist profile) connected with a system of sustainable mobility that differentiates between functional and leisure means of transport.

卡尔维亚市是在马洛卡岛的西南端,其近60公里的海岸线集中了50000多个受管理的旅游床和许多的第二住所,其中超过50%的住宿带有阳光与海滩。这项提案是基于带有卡尔维亚海岸线特征的“凹”和“凸”系统。该设计策略旨在恢复和更新第一批旅游定居点的发展模式。其中由与沙滩和小海湾相一致的海岸线的“凹”和作为自然景观资源而被保存的“凸”组成。这种模式是根据 马略卡岛风景如画的景象,以及优秀的可持续发展的滨水景观案例所确定的。该项目还包括可持续流通性的模式和八个旅游城市,每个旅游城市都有自己独特的标识和旅游形象。