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Chen Du 陈都
Born in Guangzhou, Chen Du is a planner and designer with extensive professional experience in government urban and landscape planning firms in China. This background provides him with a critical understanding of design, planning and management processes in a wide range of large-scale project typologies, including green infrastructure, public spaces, university campuses, residential communities and tourism waterfronts. After receiving his master degree in Landscape Urbanism from the London Architectural Association in 2012, Chen Du was also part of international multidisciplinary practices such as AECOM and GENSLER, where he focused on innovative urban design and planning methodologies for the integration between the build and natural environment.

来自广州的陈都, 是兼备多专业能力的规划设计师。他一直植根于本土语境, 通过多元化的项目中试验优化城市、建筑与景观的和谐关系, 探寻人与自然的并存发展之路。
在国内规划和景观设计机构的从业背景, 让陈都在总体规划、绿地系统、公共空间、居住社区、旅游策划等项目中,积累了大量不同尺度的规划设计经验。同时他凭借良好的客户沟通和团队协调能力, 在满足客户需求的前提下, 最大程度尊重设计思想, 使得项目在双赢局面下得以实现。陈都自英国建筑联盟学院景观都市专业毕业后, 投身于Gensler和AECOM国际著名设计公司, 致力于创新型的城市规划设计方向。在新城开发、城市中心、滨水区域、教育园区等一系列城市重点项目中, 陈都一直坚持国际先进理念与当地实际发展经验融为一体, 倡导城市与自然相互依存的发展模式, 其工作成果屡次获得多地政府与企业的好评认同。