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Juan Diego Pacheco González
Diego Pacheco is an architect and urbanist graduated from the Architecture College of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. He has been working professionally for over 15 years in Spain and London on international projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Oceania. As Associate Director for Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP) in London, he was in charge of managing the design output in urban and landscape projects from concept design to construction. As design leader, he was also responsible for the implementation of computational tools throughout the entire design process. Before joining MSP, Diego worked extensively in planning and urban management, and collaborated with different architectural firms and construction companies in Spain. His current interests are on sustainable urban design and architecture, optimized for regions with warm and hot climates. He specializes in developing work methodologies based on the principles of sustainable development and ecological urbanism combined with the intensive use of digital technologies.

拥有加那利群岛大学建筑教育背景的蒂亚戈, 在西班牙和伦敦的国际事务所中参与横跨欧洲、中东及亚洲的项目。
作为加那利群岛规划建筑研究室的项目主管, 蒂亚戈掌控从概念设计到建造施工的各阶段成果。在此之前, 他已有与各类建筑公司以及建造商协调城市规划项目的出色管理能力。蒂亚戈目前致力于研究炎热气候地区的可持续城市建筑设计, 力图通过城市生态学以及数字化技术来推动其专业实践。