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Emergent Natures, ICCS 2015
Due to a general awareness of global warming and its consequences, a renovated environmental concern has emerged since the beginning of the 21st century. In addition, the major technological breakthrough experimented since the 1990’s has allowed for the measurement, analysis and prediction of any environmental process, encouraging humankind to start taking measures in order to minimize upcoming catastrophic scenarios. As a result, a closer relationship between nature and cities is encouraged and demanded everywhere, resulting in the creation of “new disciplines”, such us landscape urbanism, ecological urbanism, sustainable urbanism or bio-urbanism. The agenda of this research aims to analyze the emergent patterns from the city made explicit by the use of ICT and exploring how these patterns could inform the form of nature in contemporary cities.

同时, 由于对全球变暖及其后果的普遍认识, 修复环境的意识在21世纪初期开始逐渐出现。此外, 自从1990年以来的主要实验技术突破使得人们可以测量、分析和预测任何环境变化, 其鼓励人们开始采取措施以减少即将带来的灾难损失。因此, 各处都鼓励并需求着自然与城市更紧密的关系, 从而带来了新兴学科的诞生, 如景观都市化、生态都市化、可持续都市化以及生物都市化。这项研究的议程旨在分析城市通过信息通讯技术的使用而变得更加清晰的新兴模式, 以及这些模式如何知会当代城市中自然的形式。