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Fenming Pavilions
Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP) was commissioned in 2014 to design a public space that would serve as an entrance to a feature housing development in Fengming Mountain area in Shapingba District, Chongqing. Eventually, the proposal turned into a 16,000-sqm park that would structure future building and landscape development in the area, organizing mobility, providing universal accessibility and creating an iconic way-finding strategy for visitors. The vision was inspired by the unique landscapes, climate and culture of Chongqing; Mist and Rain; Mountains and Valleys; Rivers and Terraces. Pavilions designed to reflect the mystical mountains of the region are located within the arrival plaza, and are strategically positioned along the path, leading pedestrians down the ‘mountain’ into the Sales Centre area. The pavilions are also important to provide shade and relief along the journey. The site is extremely steep, using a broad zigzag path to provide mobility down the slope, this strong form enables a sequence that is used throughout the scheme to continue a pattern language as your arrive; as painted art on the pavement.

For more information, visit MSP official website.