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Gadeokdo Tourism Masterplan 
The Gadeokdo Island aims to become a globally renowned environmentally-sensitive resort city. The proposed tourist development is concentrated in three sites, integrating with traditional fishing villas.  Its layout emphasises a transversal occupation of the coast, leaving large empty areas of waterfront as landscape attractions and environmental reservoirs. Inland leisure facilities work as alternative attractions to the coastal amenities. Most of the proposed urban fabric is placed on natural slopes leaving flat land for leisure and agricultural purposes. The provision of an integrated water and energy system (solar, wind, geothermal) allows for a self–sufficient urban footprint for 30.000 inhabitants.

加德岛(Gadeokdo)充满休闲与户外活动, 将成为一个环境敏感的全球知名度假城市。拟议的旅游发展计划将会聚焦于三个选址, 它们都地处已成为发展保障的传统渔村民宿区。拟议的解决方法将突出对海岸横向的使用,留下大面积空闲的滨水区成为吸引游客的景点和环境蓄养区。一套内陆休闲设施成为海滨美化市容设施可供选择的景点。大部分城市建筑都建于天然斜坡上, 留出平坦地区以供休闲和农业用途。供水控制系统和地热、风、太阳能以及水力发电一起被融入整个方案中, 提供了一个自给自足, 能满足三万居民用水需求的供水系统。

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