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Guannong Park Eco-Analysis
This neighborhood park is located at the northeast corner of Putuo District in Shanghai and has a total area of 12,500m². Its construction started in November 1989 and got completed in 1991, becoming officially a public park in 1994. The ecological analysis of Guannong Park proposes a landscape design methodology that merges GIS techniques and environmental analysis by means of computational tools and remote sensing technologies. Our aim is to go beyond the generic large scale approach to landscape design typically prevalent in contemporary cities and assist landscape architects in the evaluation and design of urban natures promoting ecological specificity and an environmentally conscious approach. By exploring the emergence of local eco-regions based on environmental constraints influenced by the built environment, we aim to determine the contextual specificity that affects plants and other living systems in contemporary cities. This methodology suggests that in understanding these constraints and thereby designing landscapes upon them, we will be promoting a self governance and ecology that will truly integrate nature within the urban context.