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Ignacio López Busón 楼纳修
Ignacio López Busón is an architect and landscape urbanist with international experience in award-winning large scale masterplan projects across Europe, Asia and the USA. He has been design coordinator of LPA (Lab for Planning and Architecture), and associate at Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP), leading the design team at their China branch in Shanghai. Ignacio’s work focuses on the intersection of environmental science and computational tools in contemporary urban challenges. He has lead courses and international workshops related to architectural and digital design, including teaching and guest critic positions at the London based Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), the AA Visiting School Program (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guatemala), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Tongji University in Shanghai, Turenscape Academy in Huangshan, Portland State University (PSU) and University of Oregon in the US. Ignacio is an expert on teaching methodology based on the merging of Geographic Information System (GIS), computational tools and generative design.

楼纳修是一名来自西班牙的建筑和城市设计师, 他曾在欧洲和亚洲多地的知名事务所工作超过十年, 如LPA、Arnaiz & Partners、UNStudio和玛莎施瓦茨, 多次带领多学科团队为公众和私人客户实现项目的愿景。楼纳修、玛丽和陈都与2014年在上海共同成立的图思事务所, 是一个专注于提供人与自然和谐共处方式的设计机构。
楼纳修的实践着重关注新型城市设计及景观规划等多学科项目。他在城市与数字化方向的执教经验已有五年, 在英国建筑联盟学院及同济大学担任课程设计及客座评委等职务。加那利群岛大学及英国建筑联盟学院的教育背景,培养了他在地理信息系统、涌现设计、系统理论及参数化设计的深厚知识体系。