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Lab for Planning and Architecture
LPA is a leading planning and design firm founded by Juan Palop-Casado and Cristina Suarez Lacalle. LPA focuses on the sustainable and organic development of southern regions and territories—the so-called subtropics that feature semi-arid and Mediterranean environmental regimes. LPA has a deep commitment to the specific potentialities of the subtropics, which are deployed in line with the principles and protocols of the philosophy of eco-design thinking. LPA provides services in the fields of strategic development, master planning, urban design, infrastructures and landscape architecture, with an expertise in urban typologies related to subtropical climates: waterfronts, tourist destinations, eco-resorts, public spaces, recreational spaces, outdoor commercial areas... With offices in the Canary Islands and Madrid, LPA is engaged in projects in the two subtropical strips that run around the globe, where regular collaborations with local partners and consultants are established.

加那利群岛规划建筑研究室(LPA)是一家业界领先的规划和设计公司, 植根于研究亚热带特色的半干旱和地中海环境地区, 研究可持续有机发展模式。LPA对亚热带规划设计有着深刻的研究, 是源于生态设计思想的系统原则和理论。基于对城市环境为(生态, 政治, 基础设施, 心理...)复杂共生系统的理解, LPA提供发展战略、总体规划、城市设计、基础设施和景观设计等领域的服务。 LPA积累了亚热带城市和景观设计的实践经验, 其中包括: 滨水区、旅游景区、生态度假区、公共空间、休闲空间、户外商业区等等。通过与当地合作伙伴和顾问的经常性合作, 位于加那利群岛和马德里两地的LPA, 其服务范围覆盖了全球各地。

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