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Landscape Hotel-Spa
The project pushes very ambitious eco-design principles, aiming to compensate the carbon emissions of the visitors and allowing them to return home with neutral carbon footprint. The concept of this project is a Medical Wellness Senior Club oriented to European 55+ with an integrated design of Comfort Living with Medical Assistance in a natural surrounding environment of exclusivity. The design strategy consists in a series of platforms that are perfectly adapted to the topographical conditions of the site, allowing an easy and accessible walking experience among all functional facilities. Main functional services are located underground with natural light coming from courtyards, other levels devoted to Eco Rooms, Reception, Restaurant, Night Club and Medical Center. The result is a low massive built landscape with plenty of open spaces and gardens, reinforced by the presence of green roofs. The project and the subsequent construction phase will be certified by BREEAM ES, the world´s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings and communities.