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Las Palmas City Waterfront
The project addresses nearly 40 kilometers of coastline and aims to condense the subtropical potential of Las Palmas de GC, exploiting the urban possibilities of outdoor living and the mass enjoyment of the coast. fronts. The project favours a new mobility system based on two main strategies: one functional (heavy) and other leisure (light). Functional mobility incorporates the existing ring and the major existing roads of the city. Leisure Mobility encourages light and alternative traffic including bicycles, trams and pedestrians. Along the seafront there are 10 well-equipped parks, resulting in the meeting of an urban corridor and a natural corridor. Each park seamlessly combines urban equipments, transport nodes and green open spaces. 

该项目位于距海岸线40千米处, 包含了东西海岸。该项目有利于为现存的交通系统提供一个另外的选择。解决方法包含了功能系统和闲置系统两个系统,功能系统合并了城市现有的环状和主要现存道路, 闲置系统鼓励如自行车、电车以及行人等另类交通方式。沿着海岸线有10个设施良好的公园, 促成了城市走廊和天然走廊的汇合。每个公园都无缝衔接了城市设备、交通节点和自由空间。拟议的解决方法目标冷凝拉斯帕尔马斯(Las Palmas)的亚热带气压, 开发城市户外活动和海滨大量娱乐的可能性。

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