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Lemons Bucket
Lemons Bucket is an experienced rendering company, specialized in generating hyper-realistic CG visualizations for architecture, landscape and interior design projects. The office is comprised of both creative and talented architects and digital artists. This team provides Lemons Bucket with an advantage in understanding the essence of clients designs, and recreating architecture with the sensitivity it deserves. With international clients in the USA, Europe and Asia, Lemons Bucket offers a flexible and professional service adaptable to any location and context.

“We photograph unrealized architecture with the goal to express emotions through the images. From the very beginning, we were aimed at developing high quality images, whereby communicating ideas and get different moods across. We consider communication and the ability to adapt to each project the main key to achieve successful images. Throughout this time we have been collaborating with international firms, on projects all over the world and at the same time we have participated as speakers in different conferences about Archviz and also at the Madrid Design Festival 2019 edition.”

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