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Mall Façade Renovation
La Ballena was the first built mall in Las Palmas de GC in the early 90’s and is located in the outskirts and sorrounded by an excellent infrastructure system. However, the expansion of the city and the construction of three new shopping centers has drammatically changed its privileged state. To survive, La Ballena has evolved into a neighbourhood mall. The once iconic image of the building is suffering today due to the proliferation of commercials trough the façade. The proposal aims to recover the visual importance of La Ballena: a new organic faç ade able to perform as an attraction and communication surface that will reinforce the relationship between the building and the local community.

作为90年代早期大加纳利岛拉斯帕尔马斯(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)的第一个商业中心, 拉巴杰纳(La Ballena)现在正经历一个非常有趣的再造过程。其建成时位于市镇边缘地带,由一系列卓越的基础设施系统包围,然而城市的扩张戏剧化的改变了建筑和市民的关系。为了幸存下来, 拉巴杰纳(La Ballena)被改造成了一个邻里商场。然而这栋因其拉伸圆顶系统曾一度成为90年代主要标志建筑的外形, 却没有更新过并一直遭受着立面广告槽的增生。这个新的有机外表皮将成为一个吸引人群、产生交流的表皮, 并将加强建筑和当地社区的关系。