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Reimagining Parking - UO 2021 LA 539 Studio

Instructor:      Ignacio Lopez Buson
Students:       Ian Vierck, Celia Hensey, Hannah Chapin,
                      Sabina Hagen-Botbol

Runoff as a result of impervious surfaces is a major issue in many cities. This runoff is typically untreated, which threatens human health, causes habitat degradation, increases the cost of water treatment, and causes flooding damage to public and private property. In many urban areas, parking lots make up a considerate portion of impervious surfaces. As climate change causes increases in intensity of rain events in Eugene, the impacts of runoff will become even more severe. Creating a toolkit to transform parking lots into green spaces will reduce the amount of untreated runoff and create a network of parks. This network will support community resilience and activate green infrastructure throughout Eugene. Working in collaboration with community stakeholders, these green spaces will be designed to support neighborhood programs. Rooted in the goals of the Green New Deal, this toolkit will minimize runoff, reduce parking lots, and provide accessibility to green spaces, transforming urban areas into community networks that are not reliant on cars.

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