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SUTD Landscape Urbanism Studio
Conditions of sprawl, post-industrialisation, rapid urbanisation and ‘natural’ disasters pose significant challenges to normative design practices, requiring an approach that operates beyond the quick fix or the local solution. In this context Landscape Urbanism has emerged in North America and Europe as a new design discipline responding to the specific demands and potentials of these conditions. 

On April 25, 2015 at 11:56 local time, part of the tectonic boundary between India and the rest of Eurasia began to slip, sending powerful earthquake waves to Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu just 50 miles away. The earthquake measured 7.8 on the Richter scale. Just over two weeks later, a second earthquake of similar magnitude struck. Nearly 9,000 people died, 22,000 were injured, 600,000 houses were totally destroyed and a further 290,000 were damaged. We propose to seize the opportunity that presents itself; that of engaging foreign capital intending to develop tourist enclaves, whilst negotiating the needs of the local population to improve the conditions in what ought to become a sustainable regenerative process of urbanization.

Studio Tutors:
Eva Castro, Federico Ruberto, Ignacio Lopez Buson
Bai Xueni, Jean Lee, Liu Hongzhe, Ong Yong Siang, Rachel Tan, Cheryl Ng, Chloe Tan, Lee Zi Qing, Matthew Yeo, Tee Yong Kiat, Au Cheuk Yee, Chan Wei Jie, Ee Hui Jie, Jezamine Chua, Sia Chin Kiat