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Swimming Club Renovation
The Metropole Swimming Club occupies a privileged site on the waterfront of the city of Las Palmas de GC. The first decision we made was to contradict the rules of the competition and concentrate the building to the north and avoid the shadows that a south extension would cast into the pool area. The new floating structure will provide space for sports courts during the day and an entertainment area linked to a restaurant with vistas at night, while hosting a new covered swimming pool underneath. The facade envelop of the courts simulates the dynamic and changing silhouette of a swimmer and transforms the Club and its history into a new urban icon.

京都游泳俱乐部位于西班牙拉斯帕尔马斯(Las Palmas de GC)海滨的特殊地带,我们的第一个决定是反驳竞赛的规定并将建筑物集中到北侧, 类似于原有的项目和它的拓展部分。原竞赛规则难以理解的建议建筑放在南端, 完全忽视会给泳池区域造成的投影。拟议的解决方法包含了一条连接东西端通向俱乐部主要入口的人行通道, 最终方案将现有为网球场的区域改造成了一个游泳池, 泳池的平台白天可以为体育场提供空间, 晚上则变成一块休闲区域, 连接着一个能观赏城市绝妙夜景的餐厅。正面的表皮上模仿一个动态变幻的游泳者形状, 将俱乐部和它的历史改造成一块新的城市地标。