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Turenscape Academy Design Workshops
Turenscape Academy (TA) was established in 2015 with the exploration of environmental, social and cultural sustainability at the core of its beliefs and activities. Initiated and championed by Dr. Kongjian Yu, Member of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the founder and Dean of College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Peking University, and the founder of Turenscape – a leading multidisciplinary design practice, the Academy pursues the concept of continuous lifelong learning. TA creates an immersive educational environment for Chinese and International graduate level students, recent graduates and mid-career professionals. Its residential campus is located in Xixinan, a heritage village situated nearby to Huangshan City and the beautiful Huangshan Mountains (Yellow Mountains), in Anhui province. A series of workshops will launch the academic life of Turenscape Academy (TA) during its first year. These workshops are aimed to lead towards the 4 academic tracks of TA: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urbanism, Art & Design.

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