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Terraced Eco-Villas
The situation of the plot, its topography and project conditions required an analysis of the villages and hillside agricultural landscapes from Canary Islands. These villages that have grown as an emergent system over many years have exemplary logics of adaptation to the topography and landscape. The objective of this proposal is the establishment of an emergent system that solves all the problems of the project maintaining the image of a village and terraced agricultural landscape, away from the stiffness of classical urban planning organization.
The strategy was based on solving part of the houses as land terracing with a maximum optimization of the ratio between surface to excavate and landfilling. These parts of the houses are integrated into the land terracing system, leaving visible only the top of the houses, which respond to a village image. Other strategies comprised minimization of road space within the plot, a system of open spaces at different scales related to internal pedestrian walkways, shortcuts to the houses from the road and creating a housing organization by grouping that allows phased growth.

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