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The Boston Architectural College
The Boston Architectural College began as a professional club in 1889. In 1971, we became the first accredited architecture program with a work component in the US. Since then, we have introduced programs in interior architecture, landscape architecture, and design studies. Throughout its history, the BAC has continually evolved and adapted, but it has always upheld the importance of open admission, affordability, dedicated faculty, and the value of both academic and experiential education. In the present, the Boston Architectural College (BAC) provides excellence in design education emerging from practice and accessible to diverse communities.

As we look forward into the future of the BAC, we seek to deliver on our educational mission of diversity and inclusion to help our students fully actualize their potential without boundaries. We envision the BAC as a global network, a cloud canopy with virtual roots reaching out to the disenfranchised, the marginalized, and unconventional students wherever they live in the world. We seek to build and sustain an articulated pipeline that propels students interested in design and architecture from K-12 systems and community colleges around the country into the robust and career-forward design education offered here at the BAC. In our world of the future, design thinking becomes a basic skill for all to build a sustainable, thriving, and resilient society.

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