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Urban Garden Tracks - UO 2021 LA 539 Studio

Instructor:      Ignacio Lopez Buson
Students:       Peter Olson, Rosie Yerke, Audrey Rycewicz,
osh Ramos, Delaney Hopen

Urban agriculture is an age-old method of creating productive landscapes in densely-populated areas where you might not expect plants to thrive. Our team feels that sustenance can come from more than just the food that is grown. Urban agriculture presents an opportunity to bring people together in times of toil and in times of peace. Our research on the issues affecting the Amazon Creek drainage basin revealed four main themes: water insecurity, pollinator decline, food insecurity and lack of disaster preparedness. The Eugene Urban Garden Track seeks to provide food security, water security, pollinator habitats, and recreation for the residents of the Amazon Creek drainage basin through a system of interconnected community gardens featuring educational themes. The network of gardens utilize a toolkit of green infrastructure technologies including rainwater catchment, recreational elements, community gardens and pollinator gardens. Through thoughtful, community-driven, ecologic design we improve quality of life for the residents of Eugene and inspire rippling change through the community.

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