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Mary Polites 玛丽 普莱蒂斯 
Mary Polites holds a master´s degree in architecture from the Emergent Technologies program at the London Architectural Association, and is co-director of the Biomimetic Design Lab (BiDL) at Shanghai´s Tongji University. She has managed national and international architecture and landscape projects from concept to construction in China and the USA, collaborating with firms such as Venturi Scott Brown & Associates (VSBA), Foster + Partners NY, Janson Goldstein, Lynch Eisinger Design (LED) and Martha Schwartz Partners (MSP). Mary has extensive experience leading studios, lectures and seminars related to biomimicry, computational tools and environmental design. She has taught at Washington State University under the Weller Teaching and Research Fellowship and currently is a media and studio instructor at the School of Architecture and Environment at University of Oregon in Eugene. Her book “The Rise of Biodesign” analyzes contemporary methodologies developed by Chinese top research institutions to innovate from nature in design.

玛丽·普莱蒂斯现于同济大学设计创意学院 BiDL 仿生学设计实验室, 担任仿生学及环境设计的相关教学工作。
她是一位兼具室内、规划及景观等多学科知识的建筑师。得益于在纽约和费城的著名事务所的任职经历, 其中包括了文丘里事务所、纽约福斯特、Janson Goldstein、Lynch Eisinger Design, 玛丽的专业经验涵盖了从概念设计到施工建造阶段。玛丽拥有新泽西理工学院的建筑学士学位, 并获得英国建筑联盟学院涌现技术设计的建筑硕士学位。她曾任教于华盛顿州立大学的Weller教研协会, 并担任英国建筑联盟学院上海访问学校的课程设计导师一职。