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The Rise of Biodesign
This book was edited by MAPS director Mary Polites in 2019 as a result of three years of research and collaboration with experts and institutions focusing on nature-inspired design in China.  It aims to serve as an introduction to the umbrella term of bioinspired design, and explain the similarities and dissimilarities between its different specializations, from biomimetics to biomimicry. Bioinspiration is a broad field that encompasses many facets of biology, engineering and design. The research and development of materials, systems and techniques based on natural phenomena is considered one of the main contributors for innovation in applied sciences, and a critical driver for future advances in sustainability. Bio labs from some of the top universities in China were invited to exhibit their work for this book, namely the Key Laboratory of Bionic Engineering from Jilin University, the Key Laboratory of Bioinspired Smart Interfacial Science and Technology from Beihang University, the Dynamic Technology Lab for Bionic Materials and Structures from Donghua University, and the Biomimetic Design Lab (BiDL), from Tongji University.

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